Live Music and Events in the Lounge!!

Legal Disclaimer because the PRO's won't stop harrassing us....


* Our square footage is less than 3,750 square feet - this should be enough, but there is more.....

* We never charge a cover.  If we have a fundraiser we have a suggested donation, but that would fall under Fair Use so……

* All Karaoke Jockeys must retain a valid Karaoke Subscription for Commercial Use.

* Our live music is organized and performed by local artists and songwriters that are non-profit and perform for educational purposes, progress of the arts, and music scholarships.  This falls under Fair Use.

* We only have 4 speakers in each room.

* Television use is covered via Directv commercial account.

* Our house music is covered by Pandora for Business and is an annual subscription for commercial use.

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